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What are spiders?

Spiders are predatory creatures that play an essential role in the ecosystem by helping to control garden pests and many other populations of insects. Like other arachnids, spiders lack wings and antennae. Physical traits of spiders include two body segments, eight legs, fang-like mouthparts, and the ability to produce silk. Spiders are well-known for using their silk to create webs that they either rest in or use to capture their prey. It is important to note that while not all spiders create webs, they all produce silk. Their silk is strong and can be used for many things, including creating a tether, lining burrows, and wrapping up their captured prey.

Our area's three notable spiders are the black widow spider, hobo spider, and wolf spider.

  • Black widow spiders: These spiders are known for their potent venom and appearance. Black widow spiders are shiny black with a reddish-orange, hourglass marking on their underside.
  • Hobo spiders: Hobo spiders strike fear in many people because they are large, fast-moving spiders. These spiders are light brown with pale markings.
  • Wolf spiders: These large spiders have a stout, hearty appearance. Their body and legs are covered in hair, and their eight legs are spine-covered and allow them to hunt down their prey in a "wolf-like" manner. Wolf spiders are black or dark brown with cream, gray, or yellow markings.

Regular pest treatments for your Boise home can be a great way to minimize the impact of spiders on your property. 

Are spiders dangerous?

Spiders can bite people, but spider bites are generally accidental as spiders are naturally reclusive and won't seek people out to bite. Their bites are usually an effort to prevent themselves from being harmed.

In most cases, spiders are harmless; the majority of spiders only have venom potent enough to harm their insect prey. Hobo spiders and wolf spiders are good examples of nuisance or harmless spiders.

The black widow is the spider that homeowners need to worry about in our area. Their venom is potent enough to attack the nervous system. While their bites are serious, with the help of medical professionals, symptoms can be managed. Black widow spiders are dangerous and should never be ignored if they are on your property.

Why do I have a spider problem?

Spiders are predators and, like all predators, live where they can easily hunt and keep their bellies full. predators and, like all predators, live where they can easily hunt and keep their bellies full. Properties with the following things tend to have a lot of insect activity and, as a result, high populations of predatory spiders:

  • Gardens and flowerbeds
  • Compost piles and woodpiles
  • Trees
  • Leaf litter and woodpiles
  • Standing water

Where will I find spiders?

Spiders are outdoor pests and can become a problem anywhere. Our backyards are often home to spiders because they provide them with insects to hunt, vegetation to hide in, and access to water.

Though spiders prefer to live outside, they often wind up in our homes. Spiders usually move inside while following their insect prey or searching for a quiet, dry spot to lay their eggs.

Interestingly enough, the three spiders discussed above are mainly found at ground level.

  • The black widow spider likes to build tangly, messy webs in overgrown landscaping, gardens, shrubbery, and woodpiles. Indoors build their webs in storage areas like garages, sheds, basements, and closets.
  • The wolf spider creates the burrows they rest in at ground level under woodpiles, leaf litter, and brush piles. Inside our homes, they hang out under furniture, in basement clutter, and the bottom of closets.
  • Hobo spiders build funnel-like webs at ground level too. Gardens, woodpiles, and areas of dense landscaping or tall grass are places you'll find hobo spiders. In homes, hobo spiders and wolf spiders hide in basements, crawl spaces, and inside cabinets or closets.

How do I get rid of spiders?

Spiders are unwanted when they take over our yards and homes in large numbers. Stop spiders from becoming an issue in your home through regular pest control services in Boise provided by a professional. Striving to be our best every day and be better than the day before, you can trust Affinity Pest Control with your pest control needs. Our professionals provide superior pest control services that are effective, responsible, and eco-friendly.

We are dedicated to our customers and providing high-quality treatments safe for homes, families, and pets. Rid your Idaho yard and home of spiders and the insects they are hunting with the help of the professionals at Affinity Pest Control and our guaranteed services. Please give us a call today to learn more about our effective pest control services for Boise businesses and homes!

How can I prevent spiders in the future?

The most effective way to prevent spiders from overtaking your property is to partner with us at Affinity Pest Control and implement the following prevention tips:

  • Avoid attracting the insects to your property that spiders like to hunt by keeping lids on trash cans, regularly harvesting gardens, maintaining outdoor eating areas, and keeping outdoor lights off as much as possible.
  • Make the inside of your home less attractive to hungry insects. Take away food sources from insects like flies, ants, and cockroaches by washing dirty dishes, removing trash from your home daily, and regular vacuuming and wiping down surfaces and the insides of cabinets. Spiders don't eat the food in your kitchen, but they eat the insects that do!
  • Stop spiders from easily following insects into your home by sealing gaps in its exterior walls, making sure screens are in place, and placing weatherstripping around windows and doors.
  • Make it more difficult for spiders to hide in your home by regularly vacuuming, dusting, and getting rid of areas of clutter.


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