As a homeowner Nampa you already know what you’re up against. It’s you versus hordes of hungry, sometimes vicious local pests, all of which can’t wait to get inside your building. Self-managed pest control and some over-the-counter (OTC) solutions may help keep some of these creatures at bay, but it won’t always be enough to defend what matters.

Professional pest control is always the best pest management method in Nampa, from large family homes and private property to apartment complexes and landscaping. No matter who you are, residential pest control is always in your best interests! 

The Types Of Pests That Invade Homes In Nampa 

There are three types of household pests you might find around your Nampa home: 

  • Rodents: Such as rats and mice 
  • Insects: Like pantry pests and cockroaches 
  • Moisture-Lovers: That includes drain flies 

Pest frequency and species will largely depend on your unique industry, as well as your location in Nampa. It’s best to identify all potential risks and infestations with help from a local pest agency, including Affinity Pest Control. 

The Health Risks Pests Can Create In Homes 

The dangers of household pests run more than skin deep. If left to their own devices, pests may be able to cause: 

  • Health Issues 
  • The Spread Of Disease 
  • Property Damage Or Destruction 
  • Reduction Of The Property Value Over Time

If you have started noticing an uptick in pest activity around your property, it may be wise to begin immediately developing a residential pest control plan. 

How Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Pest Control Can Be A Waste Of Time And Money 

Although over-the-counter sprays and internet remedies may seem like a great idea, the fact is that DIY pest control is often a waste of time and money. Misapplied retail products may be ineffective at best or even toxic to children and pets. Many home remedies only discourage pests from infestation and do not remove them. What’s more, a large number of residential treatments only work in some limited cases and not with every application. 

For this reason, professional pest control providers like Affinity Pest Control are the best possible way to combat rising infestations. 

The Pros To Know For The Best Pest Control For Your Nampa Home 

Many professional pest control providers in Nampa offer unique programs and treatment services for the most common pests in the area. However, not every professional pest control company can claim to be locally owned, veteran-operated, and 100% BBB accredited. But at Affinity Pest Control, we most certainly can! 

Affinity Pest Control is your perfect provider for pest management solutions in all residential spaces. Twenty years of hands-on experience has allowed us to work with some of the most incredible homeowners in Nampa, providing highly actionable solutions to the area’s most notorious pests. At Affinity Pest Control, we take quality to the next level. 

Call our offices today to start on a residential pest control plan that’s right for you. Our easy-to-use contact form is also a great way to get in touch with a Nampa technician. No matter how you choose to say ‘hello,’ we’ll be excited to hear from you!