Fleas are a pest that you think may never invade your home. While there are other pests in Boise, such as spiders and ants, fleas just don’t seem like they’d be an issue.

But, the truth is that fleas are a frequent home-invading pest, and a flea infestation can happen to almost anyone. While many people assume that fleas only invade homes with pets, they can also make their way into your home even if you have no furry friends. If you want to learn more about fleas and how to remove them with Boise pest control, keep reading to get valuable tips and tricks.

How To Tell If There Are Fleas In Your Home

Fleas are incredibly tiny pests that are only about the size of a grain of rice or a lentil, so you might not see them. However, you can be on the lookout for other signs of fleas to help you identify an infestation. 

  • Some of the main signs of fleas include:
  • Pets that have started to itch and scratch at their fur repeatedly.
  • The presence of “flea dirt” on pet fur or carpets.
  • Bite marks show up around your ankles and feet.

While fleas only live on the bodies of animals, they can still bite humans. They are considered parasitic pests, and they can pose health risks to people and animals.

The Dangers Fleas Bring To Boise Families 

Flea infestations might not seem like a health problem, but they are considered dangerous pests. Because they are parasites, they need the blood of mammals to survive, and they can transmit illnesses.

Some of the diseases that fleas can spread include murine typhus and the bubonic plague. Although these illnesses and outbreaks can be rare, it’s still prudent to practice prevention.

Why Are Fleas Attracted To Your Home?

Fleas live on animals, so the reason they appear is that they’ve been carried in on the body of a mammal. Fleas can be on pets, wildlife and rodents. But, even if you have no pets, fleas can still infest your home. We also suggest reaching out to a veterinarian to keep any pets protected.

Fleas can also enter a household on secondhand items that are already infested. Some of the things they can be found on include bedding and furniture.

If you are looking for ways to prevent fleas and get effective flea control, the best option is to reach out to the pest control professionals at Affinity Pest Control.

How To Get Rid Of Fleas And Keep Them Out

The most effective way to address flea problems is to take a two-prong approach. First, you’ll need to eradicate any existing fleas and treat any pets in the house. Next, you’ll need to prevent fleas in the future, which often involves deterring infestations of other pests.

The pest control professionals at Affinity Pest Control can address current flea infestations and control future pest problems. Call us today to request a quote to get started with flea control.