Fleas are tiny parasites that look like black specks without magnification. With magnification, you can see fleas have six long legs that end in claws, and they are a reddish-brown color. Although fleas are not the first pest most people think of, they can be a secondary problem brought in by other pests.

If you are concerned about fleas in Idaho, keep reading to learn about pest control in Boise. Below, you can also find information about how fleas infest and the problems they cause.

How Fleas Find Their Way Into Homes

Many people think flea infestations only happen in homes that have pets, but this isn’t always the case. Fleas can become a problem for any home for the following reasons:

  • Other pests like wildlife and rodents can bring fleas onto a property and into a home if they get inside.
  • They can infest through second-hand items.
  • Another person can bring them into your home if their home is infested.

If you have a flea infestation in your home, you should contact experts for assistance as they can be challenging to eliminate. 

The Health Risks Fleas In Homes Can Generate

You might think fleas only affect animals, but this isn’t true. Flea bites can happen to people too!

As external parasites, fleas need a warm-blooded host to survive. Flea bites can spread diseases like plague, typhus, and tularemia. And if fleas are digested, they can cause tapeworms in animals and humans.

Signs of fleas include a change in the behavior of pets, such as distress and excessive scratching and bites on people’s ankles.

Eco-Friendly Flea Prevention Tips For Your Home

Whether you have pets in your home or not, you may want to implement some eco-friendly flea prevention tips to keep them from infesting your home.

Prevention tips you should consider are:

  • Inspect and clean any second-hand items before bringing them into your home. This is essential to keep out pests like fleas and bed bugs as they are commonly introduced into homes on these items.
  • Regularly vacuum around pet bedding or places where they are most active.
  • Install fencing around your property to keep wildlife out.
  • Remove food sources that attract wildlife like bird feeders, garbage cans without lids or that can be easily knocked over, and easy access to gardens.
  • Perform regular yard maintenance to remove organic debris, which provides moisture and shade for fleas to reproduce.
  • Consult with your veterinarian to put your pet on flea preventatives. This will not only help to keep fleas out of your home but will also keep your pet safe.

While these eco-friendly tips are helpful to keep fleas away, they are not always 100% effective and will not take care of an active flea problem. Because of this, you should also consider the benefits of professional flea control in Boise.

The Secret To A Flea-Free Home All Year

If you are dealing with fleas in Idaho, you should contact us at Affinity Pest Control. Assistance from our trained technicians is the best way to get rid of fleas from your home. Before we implement any treatment, we perform a complete inspection of your property to understand your problem better. This will also help us identify where the fleas originate and why they are in your home, which is essential to keeping them from re-infesting. 

Give us a call at Affinity Pest Control to learn more about the best way to get rid of fleas and for a free quote!