No matter where you live in Meridian, you’re more than likely to have seen some spider crawling around your space. What types of spiders are in your home,  and are they dangerous? It's essential to know what spider species has invaded your home to protect yourself and your loved ones and when you should contact professional pest control in Meridian.

The Kinds Of Spiders You Can Find In Meridian

There are at least 40 different species of spiders native to the Meridian area. Of these arachnids, at least two of them are potentially deadly: 

  • Black Widow Spiders: They are famous for their red hourglass markings; black widow spiders are shiny black insects with a painful, venomous bite.
  • Brown Recluse Spiders: These are some of the most misidentified arachnids in the world, covered in tiny bristles that suggest a ‘fiddlehead’ shape on their abdomens. 

Just how dangerous are these spider bites, and what can you do to reduce your risks? It all starts with proper arachnid identification.

Some Spider Bites Are Worse Than Others

The vast majority of spiders in Meridian are classified as nuisance pests, unable to harm people or pets in any serious way. Although some of these arachnids can pierce human skin, they cannot spread disease or inject any serious forms of venom. However, black widow spiders and brown recluse spiders can significantly impact human health and wellness. 

A single bite from either of these pests may cause:

  • Sweating
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Paralysis
  • Tissue death 

Medical professionals should immediately treat any spider bite from a venomous species.

Six Naturally Effective Spider Prevention Tips

If spiders have not yet invaded your home, or if their current populations do not seem out of the ordinary, now is the perfect time to implement some naturally effective spider prevention tips.

Six of the best techniques are listed here below:

  1. Practice general pest management techniques, mainly regular cleaning and trash maintenance.
  2. Caulk all cracks with waterproof sealant; expanding foam is helpful for larger areas.
  3. Update your weatherproofing and kickplates.
  4. Replace weathered screen windows and doors.
  5. Eliminate excess moisture near kitchens, bathrooms, and pantries.
  6. Get year-round spider control from the professionals at Affinity Pest Control. 

Concerned about the efficacy of these naturally effective spider prevention tips? Call our office today to inquire about a free quote.

The Most Effective Way To Get Rid Of Spiders And Their Pest Prey

Spiders are a problem all on their own, but their nomadic lifestyles and predatory behaviors may be pointing to a secondary pest infestation in your home. Eliminating one group of spiders could allow another species to move right on in. What should you do to keep their numbers under control?

For several years and counting, the team behind Affinity Pest Control has been offering outstanding spider prevention programs to homeowners around Meridian. Using a combination of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques and highly effective professional sprays, we can eliminate and keep spiders out within a few visits or less.

Learn more about Affinity Pest Control and the work we can achieve by giving us a call at your earliest convenience. Ready to schedule a spider control visit? Feel free to submit a contact form will all your information included. We’ll be in touch soon!