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How Bad Is It To Have Odorous House Ants In My Meridian House?

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Odorous house ants may not be the scariest type of ant, but that doesn’t mean an odorous ant queen in your home would be welcome. An odorous house ant infestation is a job for Affinity Pest Control. We effectively handle pest control in Meridian, including odorous house ant control.

Want to know more about this type of pest? Think problems dissipate with odorous house ants in winter? Our technicians are happy to address questions and provide insight into getting rid of odorous house ants.

What Do Odorous House Ants Look Like? 

Not sure if you have an odorous house ant infestation? Think you may have seen an odorous ant queen in your home? This ant species may resemble other types of pests, so it’s best to know for sure before sounding the alarm. 

The coloring of an odorous house ant can be anywhere from brown to black. Although queens are significantly larger, most specimens do not grow longer than an eighth of an inch. Like other ants, odorous house ants have a pair of antennae and six legs.

A characteristic that distinguishes this little ant from other pests is its unpleasant smell. These ants release an odor when crushed.  

Is It Dangerous To Have Odorous House Ants In My House?

The short answer to this question is, “no.” Odorous house ants are incapable of stinging, and their bodies do not contain toxic venom as fire ants do. These pests are also not known to transmit diseases or destroy property. However, just because these ants aren’t trying to kill household members or tear down the house doesn’t mean they’re not a nuisance.

The odorous house ant can set up residence and quickly establish colonies of thousands. Not many homeowners want these guys as roommates; pest control in Meridian can help. Additionally, this pest has a real sweet tooth; it can contaminate food, causing money to be spent on replacing pantry staples. 

Why Do I Have Odorous House Ants In My House?

Just because there are odorous house ants on the property doesn’t mean the place has gone to rack and ruin. Like many pests, this type of ant is an opportunist, and if it sees an ideal place to reside, it will. 

Some common attractors include:

  • Firewood. This kind of ant can make nests under and around piles of wood. Odorous house ants in winter can be problematic. 
  • Garbage. If trash is not regularly consolidated and emptied, it can be too much temptation for these ants. Using a can with a tightly-fitting lid could also help deter these ants. 
  • Nectar-producing Plants. Curb appeal is great but keep pretty flowers away from exterior entrances to the home. Odorous house ants love sweet nectar and may not be able to resist coming indoors once they’re in the front flowerbeds.
  • Sweet Substances. Leaving out honey, fruit, molasses, sugary drinks, and similar items can all be akin to placing a welcome mat for these ants. This pest adores all things sweet. If spills are not cleaned up immediately, a problem could develop.
  • Water. Leaks, drips, and moist areas are appreciated by this type of ant. If there are any damp areas on the premises, it’s time to put a prevention plan into action.

How Do I Get Rid Of Odorous House Ants Fast?

Odorous house ant control can help homeowners get rid of odorous house ants safely and efficiently. Affinity Pest Control is here to solve your odorous ant problems with a comprehensive pest treatment plan. We have the knowledge to address your concerns and the resources to get the results you want in Meridian.