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7 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring Bed Bug Exterminators

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Bed bugs come into your home like a plague, make good sleep difficult, and leave you with itching bite marks. Professional bed bug exterminators are necessary when fighting pests and keeping them from returning to your home. 

Sometimes homeowners make several mistakes when hiring pest control services. Bed bugs are a serious issue to have in your home and should not be taken lightly. You want to be sure to choose a company that can provide you with the best service for your home. 

Here are some mistakes to avoid when hiring exterminators, so that your pest control experience will go smoothly.

1. Not Taking Immediate Action

You wake up in your impeccably cleaned home to bug bites and dismiss the idea of a bed bug infestation. You may believe you couldn’t possibly have bed bugs when you clean your home regularly, but that is not true. Bed bugs can travel to your home from work, grocery stores, movies, or even from your upstairs neighbor’s home. 

If you see a few bug bites you should always investigate to know if you have a bed bug problem. Avoiding the issue will only lead to a larger problem.

Get to a professional as quickly as possible if you realize you have an infestation. Some companies offer same day services without sacrificing quality service. 

2. Thinking You Can Stop Bed Bugs Without Professional Help

Most people see bed bugs in their home and immediately run to their local stores for pesticides. Spraying pesticides throughout your home rigorously will not solve your problems.  

Instead of wasting time spraying and using DIY tips found online, it’s always best to get professional bed bug exterminators that specialize in treating infestations. Bed bugs can damage your property and affect your health.

Bed bugs do not only live in your beds. They can be found in papers, clothing, luggage, and even kitchen appliances. They may even hide in your vacuum cleaner if you are not properly disposing of bags and cleaning the vacuum after use. 

Treating bed bugs alone is never the solution to your problems. Bed bugs can be damaging and the infestation will grow and travel throughout your home if not treated professionally.  

3. Not Willing to Pay for Quality Service 

When you have a bed bug infestation, getting proper professional help should be your number one priority. Cutting corners when choosing professional bed bug exterminators is never a great idea. In fact, you will be disappointed with the service and still be left with a pest control problem. 

Don’t cheat yourself by trying to pinch pennies when searching for the best exterminator. You want to be rid of your bed bug problems completely by ensuring you get the best treatment.

Choosing the right exterminator should be based on which company provides you with the quality service needed for your home. It’s always great to have a budget but don’t allow budgets to force you into low-quality services. 

4. Not Choosing the Bed Bug Exterminator That Fits Your Specific Needs  

Choosing the right exterminator can seem easy but you want to ensure their services are right for your home needs before hiring them. Getting you great results may depend on things that are specific to your unique situation.

You should always have a list on hand before contacting exterminators for pest control services. Look for exterminators who can provide custom treatment plans for your home. Quality service means professional service which is essential when picking the right exterminator. 

Great quality professional exterminators take assessments of infected areas before treatment. If you find an exterminator that gives you a treatment plan and quote before assessing the problem you may want to find another pest control company.

Always be sure to know what actions the exterminators will take when treating your home. You want to choose a company that will guarantee the services they provide.

5. Not Inquiring About a Service Guarantee

When a company doesn’t guarantee its services you should immediately see red flags. A money-back guarantee is one of the best ways a company can help you trust their product. With a service guarantee, you can feel comfortable knowing you will receive great service from a company that believes what they’re selling.

Imagine choosing a company that requires payment before service and no money-back guarantee. The company then sends an exterminator to your home to treat your bed bug problem. But once the exterminator arrives you notice he doesn’t have the proper equipment or knowledge to treat bed bugs.

If the proper treatment is not provided you are still responsible for the service charge and will still not be rid of your pest control problem. Save yourself time and money by always hiring quality exterminators. 

6. Skipping Research on the Company 

Working with high-quality professionals is essential in having a great pest control experience. Researching the company before you hire them should be a top priority.

Make sure the company can provide exterminators with great references. While not all online reviews are trustworthy, most customers provide accurate details on their experience working with bed bug exterminators. 

Most quality companies have a great reputation because their services are exemplary. Be sure to save yourself time and money by checking out the company before hiring them for services.

You can check for reviews on a company’s website, social media, and online review sites like Yelp and Google. 

7. Working With Inexperienced Companies

You don’t want to hire just any local company. When you hire an exterminator it’s important they be trained, certified, experienced, and provide expert knowledge on pest control.

Chemicals can be dangerous and produce harsh effects if used incorrectly. Be sure to choose a company that knows what they’re doing when treating your home. 

A quality bed bug exterminator will have the experience necessary to treat your bed bug problems and get rid of them for good. You should be able to ask the exterminator questions about treatment methods, the damage the bed bugs may have caused your home, and what steps to take after treatment.

Experienced exterminators will provide you with outstanding service that puts you at ease.   

You Need Professional Bed Bug Exterminators With Great Service

You now know what mistakes to avoid when hiring bed bug exterminators. Always look for professionals who provide quality service, exceptional reviews, and outstanding results. 

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