There are a lot of misconceptions about bed bugs. For one thing, many people still believe that bed bugs can only be contracted in dirty homes when, in fact, there’s no truth in this. While you can take steps to limit the likelihood of bringing bed bugs home with you, anyone is susceptible. Sometimes, the best chance for an infested home is practicing solid bed bug control techniques to get an infestation under control fast.

Keep reading to learn more about bed bugs in Garden City, how to detect a problem, how bed bugs spread, and bed bug pest control techniques for your home.

Early Signs Of A Bed Bug Problem

Knowing when to call for bed bug control near you can save you time, money, and loss of sleep if you find the infestation quickly. As bed bugs are one of the most commonly misidentified pests, it would help to know how to spot them.

Be on the lookout for these early signs:

  • Apple-seed sized reddish-brown bugs on clothing, carpet, or furniture
  • Clusters or lines of red bite marks on ankles or wrists
  • Pin-sized clear or milky white eggs
  • Shed exoskeletons
  • Translucent or milky white nymphs

As the problem progresses, you may notice more and more dead bed bugs. You might also see things like blood spots on sheets or mattresses or fecal stains that look like marker blots. Bed bugs do not exclusively stay in furniture, so if you see even one or two of these signs, it may be worth a free inspection from your local pest control for bed bugs.

A home pest control professional may be able to find where bed bugs are located more easily and quickly, and as an added bonus, pest control to kill bed bugs can be done on the spot.

All The Ways Bed Bug Infestations Can Spread

Bed bugs are hitchhikers. They can cling to practically anything to make their way into your home. One of the most common ways bed bugs spread is through hotel rooms. An infested hotel room will have all of the same signs, often on and around the bed. They will crawl into your luggage or belongings to make it home with you.

Bed bug transmission is more likely in places where a lot of people come and go, so another common way infestations spread is through offices. If one person has bed bugs in their home and comes to the office, they could have hitchhikers on their clothing or briefcase. From there, these insects can spread exponentially to officemates. A similar transmission occurs in daycares.

Finally, bed bugs can crawl through wall voids and underneath doors to adjoining apartments or other lodgings. If one person has bed bugs on a floor with a lot of other living quarters, bed bugs can simply crawl out from under the door or between the walls and infest other areas.

Natural & Effective Bed Bug Prevention Tips

We understand more than anyone how important natural prevention techniques are. Pesticides shouldn’t be used haphazardly for the sake of the planet and for everyone’s health. To avoid ever having to call bed bug pest control in Garden City, try these bed bug pest control techniques for your home:

  • Don’t store items underneath your bed.
  • Wash your sheets and curtains and vacuum often.
  • After traveling, wash and dry your clothing on high heat, and vacuum your luggage thoroughly.
  • Install door sweeps if living near other units.
  • Keep your bed off the floor and away from walls.
  • De-clutter, especially in bedrooms and living room.
  • Keep clothing off of the floor, especially when traveling or returning from traveling.

Getting an infestation under control quickly through bed bug control techniques like these can save you a visit from your bed bug control near you. 

The Safe & Effective Way To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs For Good!

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