There are many different pests in Boise that you could find around your yard, and some of them you see relatively often, such as ants, spiders, or stinging insects. But, there are other pests common in the area that may be slightly less familiar to you, or you may have questions about what problems they can cause.

One of these pests in Boise is the box elder bug. These pests are relatively harmless, but they are known for being invasive and challenging to remove. In this guide, you'll learn how to identify, prevent, and remove box elder bugs through Boise pest control.

What Do Box Elder Bugs Look Like?

Many people in Idaho and the surrounding areas have seen a box elder bug before, but you might not know why they have that name or how to tell them apart from similar insects. Box elder bugs get their name from the box elder tree as they will live on and near these trees and eat the seeds. Keep in mind that box elder bugs aren’t a beetle but are part of true bugs.

Box elder bugs are primarily black with red line patterns on their backs and side and red wings. These bugs are also relatively small and thin, and they only reach about half an inch long.

Most likely, you will see box elder bugs around your yard as they usually live outdoors. However, they will sometimes make their way inside homes, and once inside, you might find it difficult to eradicate them. 

What Attracts Box Elder Bugs To My Home?

Box elder bugs like to gather in groups in warm areas. They enter homes through small cracks in the walls, broken screens, or openings under doors and windows. They emerge in the summertime, often found on walls or windows that face the sun. While you’ll most likely only see box elder bugs in the summer, they can live within the walls of your house throughout the year. Once they invade, they will often overwinter until it warms up again.

They are also attracted to areas with access to food sources like the box elder tree and water sources. The other issue with box elder bug prevention is that these pests emit a pheromone that will be more invidious to the area, so it can be difficult to stop their numbers from growing. Usually, the best way to remove these pests is through professional pest control services. 

Is There Anything That Repels Box Elder Bugs?

Many at-home remedies are suggested for box elder bugs, such as using lavender, but these approaches are very unlikely to work. Even sprays that you purchase at the store might not be that effective because of how invasive box elder bugs are. You might apply a DIY treatment and see a bunch of dead bugs, but a few days later, you’ll likely notice them again.

To eradicate the entire infestation, you’ll need to treat the whole yard and property with specialized products, so the best form of box elder bug control is with assistance from Affinity Pest Control.

Tricks To Permanently Get Rid Of Box Elder Bugs On Your Property

To completely control and prevent these pests, have the pest control professionals at Affinity Pest Control assist you. We offer reliable protection and eradication of these tricky pests.

Along with our help, you can also do a few things to keep box elder bugs away, such as:

  • Consider getting rid of box elder trees from your yard.
  • Seal up entry points into your house by fixing holes in the walls and foundation with caulk.
  • Clean up debris around the yard.
  • Vacuum regularly to clean up the bugs.

Get ongoing box elder bug control by giving us a call today. You can request a quote or book an inspection.