If there’s one thing we hate seeing in Meridian, it’s a rodent. Rats and mice are some of the most hated pests around, running amok all over our lovely city. Rodents can cause a lot of damage and bring unwanted diseases. This is why Meridian pest control is important in preventing infestations and stopping them before they are out of control.

The Types Of Rodents That Can Invade Meridian Homes

Think you may have a rodent problem around your property? It could be one of the following: 

  • House Mouse
  • Norway Rat
  • Field Mouse
  • Roof Rat
  • Squirrel 

One of the best ways to keep rodents out of the house is through rodent proofing and exclusionary methods, particularly in urban areas. Without it, you could be risking many dangers and damages to your Meridian home. 

The Dangers And Damage Rodents Can Cause To Your Home 

Rodents can damage your home, family, and wallet in several ways:

  • By chewing holes and wires throughout your home, rodents can induce electrical fires, weaken building structures, and otherwise erode the essential elements of your home or business.
  • Rodents can also reproduce at a rapid speed, quickly overrunning your property with new vectors and hungry mouths.  
  • Finally, rodents can spread many diseases to people and pets, including salmonella, typhus, and even rat-bite fever. Failure to promptly remove these pests from your home may risk expensive repairs, long-term infestations, and even hospitalizations. 

Finding ways to start rodent-proofing your home today could save hundreds of dollars on your bottom line and help you avoid life-threatening illnesses that potentially require medical treatment. Read on to discover more natural rodent exclusion tips for your Meridian property.

Natural Rodent Exclusion Tips For Around Your Home

To begin the rodent exclusion process in and around your Meridian home, rely on the following five steps: 

  1. Eliminate areas of tall grass or thick shrubbery. Cut back vegetation and thick greenery as often as possible, and mow the lawn frequently.
  2. Do what you can to deter rodents from entering through doors and windows by adding a secondary level of security: caulk and seal windows, doors, and other entry points. Install a chimney cap if possible.  
  3. Find ways to incorporate additional rodent control methods, such as proper garbage storage and regular house cleaning.

The best and most efficient way to rodent-proof your Meridian home is with a combination of natural rodent exclusion tips and professional assistance from Affinity Pest Control. Still not sure? Let us explain. 

The Most Effective Way To Rodent-Proof Your Meridian Home 

Refuse to compromise on your family’s safety, protection, and long-term security. Choose to trust in the team at Affinity Pest Control for long-term rodent exclusion methods built to protect what matters. After spending years in the pest control industry, we can truthfully claim to be one of the best and most efficient providers of rodent-proofing methodology in Meridian.

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