Boxelder bug control on your mind? Are baby boxelder bugs on your property? Learn how to get rid of boxelder bugs. Affinity Pest Control offers safe pest control in Boise that works.

Worried about avoiding boxelder bug bites? Our technicians can answer questions about boxelder bugs in Boise. We understand this pest and can successfully tackle boxelder bug infestations with ease.  

The Easily Identified Boxelder Bug

Before looking into boxelder bug control, it’s essential to make a positive identification. What is a boxelder bug, and what does it look like? These pests are considered true bugs and are known to cause a nuisance. Named after the boxelder tree they enjoy eating and can be found in, these bugs have a distinct appearance.

The adult boxelder bug has an oval-shaped body that appears relatively flat; it also sports a pair of antennae and six legs. Their size is roughly about a half-inch long, and the primary color is black. The most distinctive feature is red or orange markings that are quite noticeable against the dark base color. 

Think you may have baby boxelder bugs on your property? Nymphs are about 1/16 of an inch in length. The bugs exhibit a bright red coloring as hatchlings but get blacker with age.

The Problem With Boxelder Bugs On Your Property

The good news is that these pests don’t transmit disease or deliver toxic bites that swell, so avoiding boxelder bug bites should not be an issue. The bad news is that boxelder bug infestations are still annoying and can bring their own set of problems which may include being:

  • Destructive: While this bug will not attack the structure itself like termites, it can negatively impact plant life, especially in large numbers. The boxelder bug can besiege young plants by sucking the fluid from new leaves. Discoloration and damage can occur.
  • Messy: If these pests manage to get inside the home, they can use personal belongings and décor as their restrooms. Even worse, their droppings can leave red stains on household items that can prove near impossible to remove completely.
  • Stinky: The box elder bug is a relative of the stink bug. When crushed, this smelly bug releases a ripe odor. 

Essential Boxelder Bug Prevention Tips

A few approaches can keep the boxelder bug from becoming a problem, such as:

  • Get a professional assessment. A reputable company specializing in pest control in Boise, like Affinity Pest Control, can offer some helpful tips towards deterring this insect. Experts with special training can also apply a comprehensive treatment to keep these irritating pests off the premises.
  • Remember windows. Ensure screens are installed on all windows with no holes or snags. Inspect sealant around windows and replace if necessary, so no cracks exist.
  • Tend to doors. Install doorsweeps on exterior doors and a rubber seal on the bottom of garage doors. If there are any gaps or cracks around exterior doors, use caulk to seal and create a barrier.

How To Get Rid Boxelder Bugs On Your Boise Property

Taking care of boxelder bugs in Boise is not the most fun thing for homeowners, but these pesky bugs must be kept in check. One of the best tools for anyone interested in how to get rid of boxelder bugs is a residential pest control treatment plan from Affinity Pest Control.

Our locally and veteran-owned company is adept at training some of the best technicians around. We are proud to offer our pest services that control boxelder bugs and all types of pests in the Boise area.